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6 December 2017

Dear parents and caregivers,
I have been working with a few providers to try and come to an arrangement regarding the Port Line bus in 2018. I have two proposals for you, and I need your responses by Monday December 11. I apologise for the short notice, but as you know this was sprung on us at the end of Term 3, and it has taken a substantial amount of time to get this far. 

Proposal A - A chartered service
This proposal requires a minimum number of whanau to agree to buy a "Term Pass" in advance. Term 1 is 11 weeks so we would need you to determine how many trips a week you intend to make and pay in advance. Essentially we are asking you to fund the service in advance rather than asking a provider to gamble. The route would be based on the information you gave us and would allow more flexibility in getting closer to your homes. It would leave Port Chalmers at 8am and follow the route at the map here

If you are interested in committing to this service I need you to let me know by filling in this survey by Monday 11 December. Please ensure that you nudge your neighbours and friends. If there is not enough interest then Proposal B will be the only option. 

Proposal B - DNI staff to support children in catching the ORC buses for the first week of term
If there is not enough interest in Proposal A to make it viable then we are confident that the ORC buses are a substantially cheaper and suitable option. DNI would support this by placing a staff member in a high vis vest at the bus stop in the morning for the first week of school to ensure that children knew where to get off and how to catch the connecting bus. We would also put a staff member on the bus after school to repeat the process in reverse and ensure that all children know how to transfer from the bus that leaves school at 3pm to the Port Bus.

Heidi Hayward - Principal



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