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Newsletter - Friday 16 February 2018

Dates to remember:
  • Next Week - Camp!                                                                                                                  Leaving for camp at 8:30am, on Monday 19 Feb (Rms 13, 14 & 16); Tuesday 20 Feb (Rms 3 & 4); Wednesday 21 Feb (Rms 1 & 8) and Thursday 22 Feb (Rms 10 & 11)
  • Wednesday 28 February - HPV programme education session - more info to come...
  • Monday 12 March - Lit Quiz, hosted at DNI
  • Tuesday 20 March - DNI Triathlon

Tena koutou,
We've enjoyed a very calm and mature start to the year - our 2018 students are a super bunch. Happily we are also sitting on quite small class numbers in most rooms. Predicting roll size is a very imprecise science and for intermediates is determined in March the previous year. There was a smaller Year 6 cohort in our contributing schools in 2017 so this had lead to a win for your children in 2018 with most classes sitting at around 25! I have been very impressed with the independence and courage demonstrated amongst our new year 7's, it is always challenging starting a new chapter and our Year 7's are embracing all sorts of new learning admirably. Equally our year 8's have well and truly stepped up to leadership opportunities. I was so proud of their singing and haka when they welcomed the Year 7's and we look forward to announcing the house captains very soon!

Our new staff are also settling in well and we are enjoying some fresh eyes. You will have noticed that we had our values splashed all over our walls late in 2017. We have some exciting plans for further development around this which we'll share with you over the coming weeks.

Education is a partnership and as whanau you have an vital role to play. If you have concerns, hear of something that sounds a bit off, would like to have a chat or share something positive we are very much keen to listen. Your childs homeroom teacher is always the first port of call and while they generally can't respond during the school day they will always get back to you if you email or phone them. We look forward to working with you.

Nga mihi, Heidi Hayward                      

Julie Butler's After School Art Classes - Change in Starting Date
A message from Julie, that due to it being Camp next week, her after school art classes will now start on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 February.  If you require any further information, please contact Julie directly on Ph: 473 0173 or 029-200 3533 (after 6pm)

Fundraising for ICT
Last year parents ran a simple but successful fundraiser to support our ICT budget. They raised about $2000 and we matched this, enabling us to purchase more chromebooks. We are keen to repeat this is 2018 so we're looking for a team of parents who would be willing to run an Easter Chocolate fundraiser.

This would involve a small team who would be willing to order the products and manage the issuing and return of the chocolate to families for sale. Would you please contact Anne if you would be interested in being a part of this team by Friday 23 February.

We no longer operate a canteen at school but the new options (see below) for bought lunches are proving popular.

  • Lunch-on-line on Wednesday (Pita Pit) and Fridays (Hell Pizza). Lunches online can be ordered by parents via their website up until 8.45am on the day of delivery. All further information can be found on the website.

  • Beam me up Bagels on Tuesdays. Bagels can be ordered at the office, again before 8.45am on a Tuesday. All bagels will be a $6 Lunch Size Plain Bagel, 120g wet dough opposed to the usual size of 150g wet dough. They will be freshly baking to order that morning. All bagels will come with a biodegradable bag & napkin, with a choice of one of the following toppings: Free-range ham, cheese, lettuce & mayo. Raspberry Jam & cream cheese (organic salt free). Smoked salmon & cream cheese spread. Yoda Pesto (dairy-free spinach & cashew nut)

  • On Mondays and Thursday students who need to purchase lunch are expected to do so before they enter the school grounds in the morning. Once at school we do not expect students to leave again.

Term Dates for 2018
We're always asked when the holidays are, so here's the full 2018 dates (they are on the calendar on the school website too so you can find them later).

Term 1 - Wednesday 31 January, to Friday 13 April
Public holidays during Term 1 are Waitangi Day 6 February;  Otago Anniversary Day, Monday 26 March; Easter; Good Friday 30 March, Easter Monday 2 April AND Easter Tuesday 3 April (a school holiday).

Term 2 - Monday 30 April, to Friday 6 July
Public holiday during Term 2 is Queen's Birthday Monday 4 June

Term 3 - Monday 23 July, to Friday 28 September
Electives Week, 6-9 August (this includes ski camp)

Term 4 - Monday 15 October, to Monday 17 December
Public holiday during Term 4 is Labour Day Monday 22 October

Uniform Shop Now at Adventure Outfitters
Just a reminder that uniform sales are all through Adventure Outfitters: 
455 Princes St, Dunedin           Phone: 477 5304
We don't sell any uniform items through school anymore, either new or used.

Student success
We love to celebrate the achievements of our talented students whether it be in sports, music, art etc. But if it's outside of school, we often don't hear about it or don't know the full details.

Please help us, by emailing Rebecca Steers and also  This will ensure the information gets through to the newsletter and Rebecca who co-ordinates the Achievers Wall that is completed at the end of each year.



Summer Sports
Up on the school website now is our summer sports page.  It's your first port of call for all the team lists and to the various sports organisations for the weekly draws.  You'll also find information on DNI school sports events that are coming up and links to community sports events.

DNI Triathlon 2018
As you may know we have an annual Triathlon at DNI.  The focus is very much on personal challenge and we expect that students push themselves in Year 8 to better their own performance. Students can elect to do the full triathlon individually, or take part as a team, completing one of the three events only. There will be more details coming out in the near future but meanwhile we need to get parent support locked in.

The triathlon is planned for the afternoon of Tuesday March 20, 12:00pm - 2:50pm
(postponement date - the morning on Wednesday March 21, 9am - 12:30pm).

Do you have access to fence standards or electric fencing tape that you’d be happy to loan to DNI for the triathlon? These items will be used to guide the students where to bike for the Opoho field section of this event. If you can help, please email the office to let us know.  When dropping them in before the event, we ask that you clearly name your items or place some tape or a mark of some kind to ensure that you get your full set back at the end of the day / event.

We also need Parent Helpers. We need a large number of parents to make this event safe for our students.  The times below are set out for the Tuesday and we need helpers to work with us in one of the following ways:

8:10am Sort and sticker bikes on the DNI field 

8:45am To help transport bikes from DNI and drive them up to the Opoho tennis courts with a caged trailer/ transport truck to help drive bikes up.

9:15am To help set up transition areas up at Opoho field for the Bike/Run section of the field. Put out fence standards for the students to bike around. Set up the run section on the DNI field with fence standards.

11:45am to arrive at DNI to work as a Marshall during this race event. Being a Race Marshall involves standing to supervise at a set place on the course being a director indicating the correct direction for the run section - running in the correct direction around the gardens run section until all races have finished. This also involves helping to bring in gear at the end of this event.

2pm return to Opoho to help pack and return bikes from the Loveloch end of the Opoho field.

Again, if you're able to assist either on Tuesday March 20 or the following morning if it's postponed please email to let us know.

Sheree Landrebe-Potter  TIC - Sport 


Community Notices:

Singing Lessons in Dunedin 2018
Years 3 - 13
1A Highcliff Road, Anderson’s Bay

The Voice Lab teaches contemporary styles including rock, pop and musical theatre. 
Group Classes and Private Sessions available 
Contact  Ph: 021 771 046.

Southern Children's Choir
Does your child enjoy singing?  Are they aged between 9 and 13 years? Then you might like to check out the Southern Children’s Choir! Established in 2007 to fulfil a need in Dunedin for a children’s choir that explores a wide variety of music, the choir is led by a professional musical director and brings opportunities for the children to perform to an audience in diverse settings.
The Southern Children’s Choir meet each Wednesday of the school term in Marama Hall at the University of Otago from 6:30pm until 8:00pm.
Auditions will be taking place on Wednesday 14th February from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Marama Hall for any children interested in joining the choir. Children are also welcome to join the choir throughout the year. For more details contact Rebecca at

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