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Newsletter - Friday 31 August 2018

Dates to remember:
  • Wednesday 5 September - Mufti Day - proceeds towards the new DNI gardens.
  • Friday 7 September - Assembly - 2:15pm in the DNI Hall, including Bandquest performances. Parents/Caregivers welcome to attend.
  • Saturday 8 September - PCG Polyfest Practice - 9:45:am till 4:30pm.
  • Monday 10 September - Polyfest Performance - time still to be advised.
  • Saturday 15 September - Envirogroup Sandwich Wrap Sewing (see below for details).
  • Tuesday 25 September - BOT meeting - 6pm in the staffroom.

We were saddened to learn that our board member and parent Trevor Schaffer passed away on Sunday 19 August. Our thoughts and love are with Leanne and Riley in this tough time. Trevor was a rock star on our board for the short time we had him. RIP Trevor. 

Sandwich Wrap project
 A big shout out for those of you who are holding on to a stack of cotton fabric or a pile of bread bags! Please bring them to the office or contact Anna-Marie.

* Fabrics, need to be...cotton and able to be cut into 35cm squares.
* Bread bags: Any old clean bread bag.

Students are preparing the materials for the 'Big Sew' in on the 15th September! We need to know if we should be purchasing fabric or if we have enough available in our community. The goal is to make 250 sandwich wraps, so every bit helps!
Sausage sizzle Success           
The sausage sizzle was a huge success a lot of people came to support our DNI enviro school and bought a sausage. We raised about $430 to buy some more worm farms. With the money raised on mufti day we should be able to buy two worm farms towards our mission to being a waste free school. There were four stations: money, buttering the bread, cooking the sausages and putting the sauce and onions on. We had 11 helpers that were at each station. So many people showed up to buy a sausage that Ms Stewart had to go and get some more. Everyone enjoyed helping out. Thanks to Rick Cade for donating the sauce!
By Juniper and Eliza              
Student Success!
Please help us, by emailing Rebecca Steers and also  This will ensure the information gets through to the newsletter and Rebecca who co-ordinates the Achievers Wall that is completed at the end of each year.
The team of Felix, Jake (from Rm 14), Facundo and Ethan (from Rm 16) got 3rd in the Intermediate Schools Chess Competition played in Dunedin recently.  With this great result, they have qualified to compete in the South Island Intermediate Schools Champs in Ashburton - good luck!

Congratulations go to:
- Isaiah Rm 3, who has been selected for the Otago Metro U13 Rugby Team
- Zak Rm 10, who has been selected for the Otago Metro U12 Rugby Team and
- Manaia Rm 10, selected for the Otago Metro U11 Rugby Team

- Zara Rm 14 who has been selected for the Otago Netball Year 8 Development A Team and
- Eva Rm 8,  selected for the Otago Netball Year 8 Development B Team.

- Naima Rm 4 and Zara Rm 14 (left) who represented DNI this month in the NZCAF Schools Otago & Southland Aerobics competition.  The girls placed 2nd in the pairs competition so they have now qualified and are off to Nationals in Wellington in September!

- Holly Rm 8 who had an amazing weekend at the Otago Winter Championships Swim Meet, with the following places in her age group for:
1st 50m butterfly; 1st 50m backstroke; 1st 100m backstroke
2nd 50m freestyle; 2nd 200m individual medley
3nd 50m breaststroke   

And then there was the Science Fair!
We were very proud of all of our students who were selected to represent DNI in the Otago Science Fair (see below):
But then unbelievably proud as DNI students went on to gain 40 awards! That’s a massive number for our relatively small school!! 

So congratulations go to the following students who gained awards:
Beth Rm 13
Hector Rm 16
Charlie C and Tiki Rm 4
Georgie and Bridie Rm 11
Taya and Adison Rm 8
Eva and Mikayla Rm 8
Haylee and Avi Rm 13
Maddie and Holly Rm 10
Riley Rm 11
Isabel Rm 11
Jack and Solal Rm 8
Bodhi and Ruairi Rm 14
Koru and Oliver Rm 10
Ollie Rm 10
Reuben Rm 11
Emily and Caitlin Rm 14
Caspar and Thomas Rm 16
Polly Rm 3
Zara Rm 14 
Grace Rm 14
Jack Rm 4
Ethan and Rowan Rm 16
and Jordan Hannon Rm 4 (below) - who gets a special mention, as it's the second year running winning one of the premiere awards for this young man!
AND then there was Bandquest!!!
DNI had two amazing bands entered in the Otago Final for The Rockshop Bandquest  was on Tuesday night. Bel Suono - Ben, Facundo, Greer, Caspar from Rm 16 and Eva Rm 8 and Kia Maia - Grace, Violet, Jake from Rm 1 and Meila Rm 3.

Both bands did DNI proud on the night!  Kia Maia won the Rockstar Styles award and Bel Suono won the Vocalist award and placed 2nd overall!! Wow.


Transport to and from school......
Just a reminder please that additional traffic around the Garden's area is a real challenge and intermediate aged students should be able to walk a reasonable distance to and from school.  There are of course real health benefits to promoting this habit also. 

The Gardens Health Centre has noted over the last few months that there seems to be quite a few DNI parents dropping off/collecting their children and using the car park between Gardens Health Centre and Pet Doctors.  Normally this would be fine and they have turned a blind eye but it’s now got to such a point that patients/clients are not always able to park in our dedicated car park at times.  The car park is leased for Pet Doctors and Gardens Health Centre patients and clients only and they have asked us to request that people stop using this space as a drop off/pick up zone.

It would be great if we could try and get our kids walking up to about 1km to and from school daily and that you make your pick up points (if you need them) about this distance from DNI. For your reference (although we're not suggesting meeting at these schools), both North East Valley and George Street Schools are 900m away. Opoho School is a little further, at 1.3km. 
Climate Change Workshop
By Tom, Erin and Birkita    

On 21st August 2018 Ms Stewart and 5 intrepid eco-warriors went to Mosgiel Library to participate in a Climate Change workshop. 

We learned all about the climate and how the earth is like a glasshouse. When we burn fossil fuels it is creating a capsule and heating up the planet. We also learnt that because  of the climate change that some of the ice melts in Antarctica because of how hot it gets. Once some of the ice  melts it goes down because it is cold and this creates the global currents in our oceans. It also brings up the food from the bottom of the ocean floor for the sea creatures.

We calculated the amount of trees we would need to offset our carbon burning on our way to school and our small group of six would have needed to plant 557 trees to absorb all that carbon! Some people had 21 trees and some people had 135 trees in a year.

Next we looked at other ways we can reduce carbon use
LED light bulbs were good, they helps because...
1. They are easier to dispose of. 
2. They have a 10-year lifespan, so you don't have to buy as many. 
3. They use less energy, so are cheaper to run. 
There are also more ways, including eating a more plant-based diet and using public transport/biking/walking to and from school. 

Then we did a quiz on what would reduce carbon emissions the most. These questions were like; What would reduce carbon emissions more? Wind farms or solar farms? 

Finally around 1:00pm we left for Walton Park in Fairfield, the wind was growing strong but no one minded we were all too excited about going out to plant trees.  We got told how to plant the sapling. We finally got to go and plant, we first dug a hole and made sure the sapling fitted then we got a fertilizer that in fact lasts the tree around 20 years. We took the plastic plant pot carefully off so it could be reused, once we put the tree inside the hole we filled it up with the dirt that we took out at the start and stood on top of it to compact it down. There were 6 of us that went and all together we planted 49 trees!  It will be great to go back and see the whole forest that will be there in 10 years time. What an amazing opportunity it was. 



Cross Country 2018
The weather held off enough last Friday for the annual Cross Country to go ahead. Kia maia was shown by all those students who turned up on the day and participated to the best of their abilities.  This is an event in which we expect people to give it a go, so it was great to see so many challenge themselves.

The top five in each race have qualified to represent DNI in the Otago Cross Country - well done!
Year 7 Girls
1st  - Holly Rm 8
2nd - Georgie Rm 11
3rd  - Sophie Rm 11
4th  - Caitlyn Rm 4
5th  - Hannah Rm 16

C:\Users\HP\Desktop\Holding documents\yr 7 girks.jpg

Years 7 Boys
1st  - Finn Rm 11
2nd - Rocky Rm 10
3rd  - Taine Rm 10
4th  - Nic Rm 3
5th  - Ryan Rm 1

C:\Users\HP\Desktop\Holding documents\Year 7 boys.jpg
Year 8 Girls
1st  - Zara Rm 14
2nd - Maddie Rm 10
3rd  - Isabel Rm 11
4th  - Caitlyn Rm 14
5th  - Hazel P Rm 11

C:\Users\HP\Desktop\Holding documents\yr 7 girks.jpg

Years 8 Boys
1st  - Jake Rm 14
2nd - Ethan Rm 16
3rd  - Bodhi Rm 14
4th  - Caspar Rm 16
5th  - Ryan O Rm 8

C:\Users\HP\Desktop\Holding documents\year 8 boys.jpg

Winter Sports Evaluation
It's nearly the end of the 2018 Winter sports season so we're keen to evaluate what is going well and what needs another look. Please provide some feedback for us at this link.

Summer Sports Registrations Open
The registration link for the summer sports options available at DNI can be found here.

We need registrations by THURSDAY 13 SEPTEMBER (EXCEPT VOLLEYBALL WHICH IS THURSDAY 6 SEPTEMBER) and payment or part payment arrangements made by Friday 28 September.

If you have any questions about summer sports, please contact Sheree Landrebe-Potter (

Community Notices:

Stop texting – let’s go fishing
Otago Fish & Game Council is running two FREE Take-a-kid-fishing days at the Southern Reservoir (located off Reservoir Road) on Sat 22nd and Sat 29th September 2018.
Registrations for the event start on Monday 27th August and are essential. To register, visit   Alternatively, come into the Fish & Game office on the corner of Hanover & Harrow St, Dunedin.

Registrations are limited to 130 kids per session.
Spare fishing rods will be available along with experts to help kids get started. Parents or care givers must be present to supervise children.
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