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24 September 2019
Strike for Climate Change No 3


Dear Parents and Caregivers,
As you may well be aware there is a third Strike for Climate Change being planned by Logan Park High School students for Friday September 27.

While we won't be engaging in this rally as a whole school event (the Health and Safety red tape excludes this possibility), we do see that it fits in 100% with the social science curriculum - Level 4, NZC Understanding how people participate individually and collectively in response to community challenges and as such we encourage you to make provisions for your child to attend if you support the kaupapa. 

What we suggest is that, if your whanau supports your child being involved in this, then you make arrangements for them to attend as you see fit (note: the Strike is open to everyone, not just school students). We ask that you return the slip below by 3pm Thursday 26 September.  Please be aware that the school will not be providing any supervision so you need to be comfortable with the arrangements you make for your child. 

We do ask that if your child is participating in the rally that you discuss the following questions with them so that they are able to respond if asked:

Why do my family believe it is appropriate for me to miss school to support this rally?
What do I hope to achieve by attending the rally?
Does my school support my attending the rally? Answer - yes, my school thinks that this is an important issue and that it fits in with the level 4 social sciences curriculum - Understanding how people participate individually and collectively in response to community challenges. 

They will be representing DNI and as such they should behave in a way that we would be proud of. 

School will be open for the afternoon as per usual and if this is not something that your whanau supports then it will simply be school as usual. 

Kind regards
Heidi Hayward

Permission to attend the Strike:
My child   ________________ has permission to leave school on Friday May 24 to attend the Climate Change Strike in the Octagon.

They will be leaving  at ____________________(time) 

I understand that students will not be supervised by DNI staff and so once they leave school, responsibility for them will be mine as their parent. 

Parent/Caregiver Name: 


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