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6 September 2019

Important Measles Advice
We have been provided urgent advice today about how to best protect our children/students and staff from measles. 

Public Health South (PHS) is advising schools and Early Childhood Education Centres that there is currently a measles outbreak in the Southern District.
We ask that you enact the following steps please:
  • Fill in the DNI immunisation register here: (if you haven't already earlier this year).  This will help us to know who to notify urgently should there be an immediate risk of measles at DNI. 
  • We've been struggling with illness already in the past few weeks. We remind you that children/students and staff who are unwell should stay away from school.
  • If you are planning on visiting Queenstown and/or going skiing in the near future, please ensure your family is protected.  Children/parents who are unvaccinated should not travel.

Since 22nd August, five cases of measles have been confirmed in this region and the disease is now likely to be spreading in the wider community.
The number of cases may seem relatively small in comparison with the population, but one person with measles can infect many others. So far, PHS has contacted many people as part of this outbreak investigation. Once exposed, it takes 10-14 days to develop the symptoms of measles.  People are not yet infectious over this time.

Measles is a serious and highly infectious viral disease that causes fever, cough, sore red eyes and a rash. Measles can make children and adults very sick and can cause complications in many people, some of which are severe and lifelong.

People with measles can be infectious even before they start feeling unwell. While almost all people will make a complete recovery, it can lead to hospitalisation and in rare cases, death.
Immunisation against measles with two doses of MMR vaccine is the best protection and is free for all eligible people. With schools being back in session, we need your help to prevent further transmission of the measles virus.

We appreciate your help in controlling this measles outbreak. For more information relating to measles, please refer to the:
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