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Newsletter - Friday 22 February 2019

Dates to remember:

  • Wednesday 27 Feb - HPV education session, Year 8's only
  • Thursday 28 Feb - DNI Triathlon (postponement date Friday 1 March) - see below for full details)
  • Friday 22 March - Mufti Day - Supporting Shave for a Cure - see below for more details
  • Monday 25 March - School closed for Otago Anniversary Day
  • Friday 12 April - Last day for Term 1

Tena koutou

It's week four (although we've only had 15 days together) and I am again blown away by our stunning kids. Our year 8's have really stepped up and become great tuākana and our year 7's are demonstrating visible māia (courage and independence) in their first few weeks at a new school. 

Yesterday we welcomed a group of principals to school and I was so proud to stand in front of this group of young people who really worked together as one as they chanted, sang and performed the school haka. Our visitors simply could not believe that 50% of our students had been here for only 15 days. It is this sort of attitude to learning that makes for a successful time at intermediate.

I would also like to extend a big thank you to Matt Broad, who at the last minute performed the kaikorero. Despite feeling very anxious about taking up the mantle, he did a sterling job and we were all very proud of him too. 

By now you should have a behaviour and attitude report for your child. These will come out fortnightly this term and then every three weeks thereafter. It's a great way of keeping track of how your child is managing - it won't tell you about their academic progress or achievement, but it will give you some very useful information about how they are applying themselves to learning and how they are relating to others while at school. When we get this bit right the rest usually follows. If you are ever concerned about anything you read from us, or things you hear from your child please don't hesitate to get in touch. 
We believe it is vital to foster strong and positive home/school communication and often issues can be resolved quickly when the parties involved are made aware. Your child's homeroom teacher is always the first port of call. 

Heidi Hayward - Principal

Libby from Room 1 is doing Shave for a Cure on March 23. She lost her Nana to cancer three years ago and this is a way of honouring her memory.

DNI will be supporting Libby to help her raise her goal of $1000 by holding a Mufti Day on Friday 22 March.

Student Success!
We love to celebrate our students who get up to all sorts of amazing things during and outside of school hours. So if you think there's something worth sharing with us, email the office so we can acknowledge it in our newsletters.

First up, it's congratulations to Sahil from Room 1 who's been selected for the Otago U13 Softball Development squad. Well done!

Triennial Board of Trustee Elections 2019

Intention to change to Staggered (or mid term) Elections
School Board of Trustee elections will be happening again this year.  In discussions regarding the process of elections within an intermediate school, the current DNI Board of Trustees feel that a more effective option for our school would be the Staggered (or mid term) elections where half of the Board remain and the other half are up for election.  This means that we don't lose all of our experience in one hit which can and does happen currently.  For further information, click here.

The DNI Board of Trustees intend to make their final considerations, and indicate their decision to change to Staggered (mid-term) elections at the meeting planned for Tuesday 9 April, in the staffroom at 6pm.  Parents/caregivers are welcome to attend.

Information for potential new trustees
The New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) is working very hard to encourage parent and whanau participation on school boards in order to help shape and support the education of their children. To that end, they will be rolling out the Korari Programme for anyone interested in finding out about standing for the school board elections and having a say in the education of their children. 

1. Korari: a programme (workshop) that provides you with governance training to help you understand the role of school boards of trustees.  These Korari workshops will be rolling out in March/April this year. 

2. Korari form (see below): NZSTA will support anyone who advises they are interested in becoming a trustee, by way of the workshops but also providing access to our Learning Management System where online modules re. school governance, student achievement etc. can be completed.
Attached is a form for completion which should be emailed to

3. Community member guide to the role of the board of trustees: This explains a lot of commonly asked questions and information about becoming a trustee, and can be found on our school website - Board of Trustees page.

HPV Vaccination Programme - Year 8's only
The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programme will be offered to all year 8 students at school this year. On Wednesday 27 February, the Public Health Nurse will be doing an education session around the vaccinations to the year 8 students. At this time, they will be given a consent form to take home to their parents/caregivers. If you do not wish for your child to partake in the education please contact the school.

Please read the consent form carefully, fill it out in pen and return it to school ASAP, even if you do not consent for your child to be vaccinated at school. No student will be vaccinated without their parent/caregiver’s consent.

The HPV vaccination is also available free of charge through your practice nurse or doctor up to their 26th birthday. Delaying the vaccine may mean your child needs more injections to be protected, as people aged 15 years and older need three injections.  For any further information please phone the Public Health Nurse for your school, or look up




Term 1 Summer Sports all go!

For information on the different summer sports (such as team lists and links to weekly draws) check out the DNI sports page on our school website or follow this link

If you have any questions about summer sports, please contact Sheree Landrebe-Potter (

Triathlon Information

Thursday 28 February (Postponement Friday March 1st)

We hold an annual triathlon in Term 1 as an opportunity for students to participate and challenge themselves. This event is held between three locations, Alhambra Grounds, Botanical Gardens and the DNI Field/Swimming Pool.

Students confirm whether they are participating as a team or challenging themselves as an individual. We really promote individual participation, but if this is just too challenging then a team is the perfect way to complete the triathlon in a supported way. Students inform their homeroom teacher with the option they like best. Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any concerns. We are happy to help with creating teams for students.

Equipment needed for this event  (sunscreen for everyone)
Bike: A safe* and suitable named bike, a named helmet, sports shoes, DNI PE uniform

Run: Sports shoes, DNI PE uniform

Swim: Togs and a towel (goggles, Rash shirt and a swim cap optional)

For the day, please send your child to school with morning tea, a packed lunch and snacks as usual - water in their own named drink bottle please (bought lunches won’t be available).



   Briefing - meet on the tennis courts at DNI.



   All students to walk with Anna-Marie will leave school by 12:10 pm
   heading to Opoho field. (All students who leave with a parent must tell a
   teacher for our roll records).


   Yr 7 & 8 Boys Individual


   Yr 7 & 8 Girls Individual


   Yr 7 Boys Teams


   Yr 7 Girls Teams


   Yr 8 Boys Teams


   Yr 8 Girls Teams


   Mixed Yr 7/8 Boys Teams


   Mixed Yr 7/8 Girls Teams


Bike Drop Off/Collection:
From 8am Thursday morning (this is a correction from the original notice that went out) bikes must be named and delivered to main field at DNI. Please place bikes and helmets behind the correct sign for your child’s event. Lists will be attached to the signs for checking, we will also have DNI students here to help you with this process. Bikes can be collected after 2:15 pm from the Opoho Rugby Grounds towards the Lovelock car park. After 2:30pm parents can collect your child’s bike back at DNI school outside Room 3 and 4. Your child is welcome to bike home from DNI school.  If you are taking your child’s bike directly from the court area at Alhmabra at the end of your child’s race you must let Sheree/Jo know before hand.

*By entering the bike leg we are assuming that your child has a safe and suitable bike. If in doubt we suggest getting it safety checked at a bike shop.


Any questions? Contact Sheree Landrebe-Potter (Mrs L) - Room 8 -

Community Notices

My name is Johanna Newman, I'm the manager/director of Mana out of school care. We will be opening our first center in the your area on the 11th February, 2019. Our address is 1 Pukeko St, St Leonards.
Please take a  look around our website and ask any questions you may have. We are ready to take bookings, so be in quick. We have limited spaces because we focus on quality not quantity. We look forward to working along side you and your children. 

Johanna Newman
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