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Newsletter - Friday 28 June 2019

Dates to remember:

  • Monday 1 July - Swimming - Last lesson for Rms 1, 3 & 4; Catchup lesson for Rms 8,10 & 11
  • Wednesday 3 July -  DNI Science Fair viewing, in the Hall 3pm till 6:30pm
  • Friday 5 July - DNI swimming sports AND last day of Term 2
  • Monday 22 July - First day of Term 3
  • Monday 12 August - Electives week 
  • Tuesday 20 August - BOT Meeting, 6pm in the Staffroom
  • Thursday 22 August - DNI Disco - details to come

Another term down! In an intermediate each term is a significant milestone. Our Year 7's have experienced 25% of their time at intermediate and the year 8's are sitting on 75% - that really brings things into perspective!

This said, our students continue to be quick to take up opportunities and make the most of their time here. In the last few weeks we've had teams compete in Robocup, Jump Jam, Chess, Extra Spelling Quiz, EPro8, Rippa Tournament and bushwalking, along with all the usual winter sports and cultural activities. 
Yesterday the whole school attended a performance of Hamlet at the Regent. I have enjoyed reading reviews of the play today and you can find some included in this newsletter. 

Next term won't slow down any - we'll start with the frenzy that the high school and intermediate open days and nights bring about. Whanau learning discussions are scheduled for the first three weeks of the term (a timetable will come home in the coming weeks) and then in week 4 we'll head off to electives. Add to that the cross country, school disco, Polyfest and Stars on Stage and we'll have a term as jam packed as the last - but frankly that's how we like it. Busy and engaged children have no time to get into trouble!

Have a good with your kidlets,

Kind regards,

What's been happening at DNI over the last month? 

Chess Tournament
We had a large group of enthusiastic Chess players who participated at the Dunedin Chesspower tournment at Sacred Heart at the end of May. 

ODT Spelling Quiz
We also had five teams competing at the start of June, and congratulations go to with the team made up of Aubrey, Birdie and Amy (see left) all from Room 14 who got second!
Also at the start of June, the Alhambra Union Under 12, 7’s team won the Taieri 7s tournament.  Though not during school time we'd like to acknowledge this as there were 5 DNI kids in the team - Ben, Cameron, Manaia, Alex and Taine.  By all reports they were a pretty humble group of boys about their awesome win! 

Jump Jam!
In mid June we had 2 DNI teams compete in the Dunedin Jump Jam competition and they gained second and third place in the All Stars Category, they were amazing!!!
Then there were three teams from DNI last weekend at the Dunedin Robocup competition. All teams were in the Rescue challenge section with the team made up of Tom, Ned and Gus, all from Rm 8 placing 3rd and the other two teams getting 4th and 5th! Great effort!

E Pro 8 Challenge
Earlier this week, DNI had four keen teams competing in the E Pro 8 Challege. Congratulations go to the DNI Reliant Robins (Tom, Ned, Jack from Rm 8 and Kahu Rm 16) who placed second. The boys now go through to the finals which are being hosted at DNI next week, so good luck!
Words, Words, Words

Hamlet review by Jay and Finn (Room 16):
The playeth wast valorous but ov'r timeth in three hours. I bethink we w're all a did bit sleepy in a dark cinema. The act'rs w're well practic'd and those gents obviously w're confident in th're lines. 

Those gents hadst a card of comedy, drama and thrill'r, t wast exquisite and hadst some dramatic scenes wheeling death some fighting and sw'rd battles and a myst'rious p'rson cov'rs in armour.

The playeth brutal altho it wast b'ring we did bit liketh. At which hour those gents did talk f'r five minutes straight t wast kinda comical. At which hour Hamlet wenteth nimble-footed.  T wast a shame yond nay one did survive.

Contemporary English - It was about a king who is assassinated by his uncle who goes on to marry the king's wife. Hamlet goes insane and tries to kill the uncle but then realizes that by killing his uncle then the uncle will go to heaven.  So two hours later Hamlet kills his wife's dad then the wife goes mad and drowns. The brother of the wife gets mad and challenges Hamlet to a duel but cuts him with a poisoned sword. Hamlet then kills his uncle but the mum drinks a poisoned wine and dies. Then Hamlet dies and everybody dies except Hamlet’s two friends who are sad. 
“ At Which Hour W’rd’s Faileth, Music Speaks - William Shakespeare
Hamlet Review by Lucia (Room 16)

The apparition of the King Denmark tells his son Hamlet to avenge his murd'r by killing the new king, 
Hamlet’s uncle. Hamlet feigns madness, contemplates life and death and seeks revenge. His uncle, fearing f'r his life eke devises plots to killeth Hamlet.

A most wondrous playeth, v'ry creative and descriptive, not many kids 'r people und'rstand shakespeare language but t wast v'ry deep and hadst alot of und'rstanding. It wast gross in sense the act'rs w're v'ry s'rious and prop'r about their charact'r. Something yond wast satisfying wast yond those gents madeth t comical but genuine. 

I very much recommend stopping ev'rything and getting tickets to seeth Hamlet, v'ry well done!

What's coming up?

Science Fair
All our students have been hard at work on their science fair projects this term, with the judges lined up to view on Wednesday 3 July.  Family and friends are also welcome to come and view between 3 till 6:30pm in the Hall.

If your child is interested in participating in the ICAS tests later this year (in September), they need to get a registration form from the school office ASAP (this has been advised via the daily notices for the last week).

Year 8 High School Visits
A reminder that these begin in the first week of Term 3, with visits to:
- Kings/Queens - Thursday 25 July, 10:30am - 1:45pm                                
- Logan Park - Friday 26 July, 12:10pm - 2:40pm (NOTE change to afternoon)                                
The following week, there are visits to:                                
- Bayfield High School - Monday 29 July, 12:00 noon - 2:30pm                                
- Otago Boys and Otago Girls - Friday 2 August 9:00am - 12:30pm        

 All Year 8 students will be attending these visits. If you do not wish your child to attend any, or a particular high school visit, please complete this form and return to the Office ASAP. This is required for the High Schools involved for booking transport. If you do not return the form then we will assume you are happy for your child to visit all schools. 

Please feel free to contact Scott Klenner if you wish to discuss anything regarding these visits ([email protected])
Open Night - Monday 29 July - DNI closing 2pm
Each year we host an Open Night for prospective new students and in order to get organised for this and allow the kids that are helping out that night to have a rest, we will be closing early at 2pm.

Please note - Year 8 students attending the Bayfield High School Open Day will not be back until 2:55pm as usual.

Year 7 Visions Screening
The Vision Hearing Technicians from Population Health, Southern District Health will be visiting
DNI to screen all year seven students for distance vision, on Wednesday 31 July.
  • Distance Vision (Amblyopia & Hyperopia)
          This determines how well your child is able to see at a distance. It involves
          reading an eye chart.
          (Not required if child wears glasses/ or is currently under care for their vision)

If you do not wish your child to be screened please fill out an opt-out slip, which are available at the school office before our visit.

Tool Box Parenting Courses at DNI
Regularly parents mention how their child is changing as they enter early adolescence.  It is a time of huge emotional and physical growth, increased independence and this brings with it a new set of challenges for parenting of children at intermediate school age. 

We have the opportunity to offer a small group parenting course at DNI.   Skilled facilitators will run through a range of topics and also respond to the individual and emerging challenges that the group identify as they attend. 

What to expect 
6 sessions run in small groups by trained facilitators.
Fun, practical and inspirational.
Topics include 
- The importance of love and connection
- Different parenting styles
- Understanding your teen and their big feelings
- Discipline and boundaries, and lots more!-
We would love to have you attend no matter what you are able to contribute, so just ask that you pay what you can afford. The full cost of the course is $75pp/$110 per couple.

When we understand the level of interest we can then identify the times and days that would suit. 

If you think you might be interested please email Matt on [email protected] or make contact by phoning the school office. 


Click here for the Winter Sports link 



Community Notices:
Musikids Holiday Programmes July 2019
Does your child play a musical instrument?
Who’s it for?
Children from year 2 to year 8 who are
interested in music.

When is it on?
Wednesday 17 July 2019
1 pm to 3 pm, including concert at 2.45pm

What will we be doing?
Playing a few short pieces as an orchestra.

We will perform a short concert for
families and friends at the end of the

The Music Suite at Logan Park High
School, Butts Road, Dunedin

Who’s running the programmes?
Sara Brown, a music teacher with
extensive experience working with
children and orchestras.

Anna Bowen, a violinist and music teacher
with extensive experience working with

What to bring?
Your musical instrument.
A pencil.
A water bottle, a snack, and warm,
comfortable clothes.

How much?
$10 per child.
What instruments are welcome?
Any orchestral instrument is fine, plus any
other instrument you play. Piano players
are welcome and would be great to have on
percussion parts.

If your child plays any of the following
list, they are welcome to come and take

TooT, DooD or J Sax


Double Bass


What to do next?
Fill in the relevant form at the link below:


or email [email protected] if you have
any questions or check us out of
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