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15 March 2020

Urgent - Covid-19 Update

Tena koutou,
As you will have heard, yesterday, the Prime Minister announced new precautions around limiting the spread of Covid-19. Further to the communication on Thursday, we ask that you take every precaution to limit the spread of illness at school. 
This is two pronged:
  1. We know Covid-19 will come here - we need to limit the spread when it does.
  2. We don't need other illness doing the rounds at the same time so we need to limit the spread of other illness now as we know that many people will become sick when Covid-19 arrives.
On Friday we were really concerned to have a number of children at school who were clearly unwell. We really need you to do your bit here and be more cautious than usual with keeping children with colds,  coughs, and bugs at home.
Meanwhile, for those who are well, our focus will remain as follows:
  • Regular and thorough handwashing (staff will be directing this before breaktimes also).
  • Remember good cough etiquette - into your arm, not hand.
  • Be more cautious than usual with signs of illness, such as coughs and colds, and stay home until well.
  • Be especially careful not sharing food or drinks.
We are expecting an update early in the week on mass gatherings and how this might affect us at school. Please expect that this will be a moving feast for a time and we will update as soon as we have information. 
#wash your hands #don't touch your face! 
Heidi Hayward - Principal

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