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DNI Byte - Important Dates

Dates to remember:

  • Monday 2 - Thursday 6 November - Mufti Week (see below)
  • Monday 2 November -  BOT Meeting, 6pm in the Staffroom
  • Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 November - Science Road Show (see below)
  • Tuesday 3 November - North Zone Athletics (postponement date 5 November)
  • Friday 6 November - Spring in the Valley  music festival, 4:30pm to 8:30pm (see below)
  • Monday 9 - Thursday 12 November - Summer Electives
  • Friday 13 November - Year 8 High School Orientation Morning/Day
  • Tuesday 17 November - Otago Athletics Champs (postponement date 19 November)
  • Wednesday 18 November - Matthew Peppercorn Seminar (Transition Anxiety workshop for whanau, 6-9pm
  • Thursday 19 November - DNI Disco, 6:30 to 8pm (see below)
  • Friday 20 November - Teacher Only Day - DNI closed for instruction
  • Monday 23 - Friday 27 November - Scholastic Book Fair, in the library
  • Wednesday 25 November - Year 6 Orientation Night, 5pm
  • Wednesday 2 December - HPV Round 2 vaccinations 
  • Friday 11 December - Salt Water Pool Fun Day
  • Monday 14 December - Year 8 Dance, 6-8pm
  • Tuesday 15 December - Prizegiving, 4 pm (school closes at 2pm)
  • Wednesday 16 December - Whakawatea, 11am (school closes for the year following this)
Spring in the Valley Music Festival
On Friday 6 November, Rooms 8,10 and 11 are putting on a music festival called Spring In The Valley. The festival will run from 4.30pm until 8.30pm at DNI, with tickets from $2 per child, $3 per adult or a family of four for $6.

Jay and the marketing team have put together this website with more info. SPRING IN THE VALLEY website. We look forward to seeing you here.

Mufti Week
As part of our Term 3 studies students formed political parties and classes held mini elections. Parties that won the election got to run the class for a day or two and as part of this process I received a request from almost every class that mufti be a part of their autonomy. 

This got me thinking and I asked the school council about why they thought students were requesting mufti days as part of their design for school. Back in 2016 when we last surveyed the community about uniforms we got a pretty clear positive response, from both students and whanau, that uniform was desirable and yet the students at the council meeting were generally not very positive about wearing uniform. 

We decided that they would run a straw poll in class and get an idea of how people felt about wearing uniforms. The results were pretty surprising!




They were asked the question: If I could choose right now I would want to...

What is perhaps less surprising is the very sensible comments that accompany the data. The students have done a great job of summarising the arguments for and against uniform and demonstrate that they are thoughtful and observant participants in society.



  • Reduces the poverty distinction.
  • Functional
  • Easily recognisable outside of school 
  • It makes you feel like you belong 
  • I feel proud to wear it and put my achievements on the clothing I'm wearing to school daily.
  • Uniforms are good when you play sport 
  • People can recognise when you are doing good things
  • You learn responsibility because you have to learn to look after your uniform. 
  • Prepares you for highschool where they are stricter on uniforms. 
  • Cost effective
  • Safe for modules
  • I don't like the formal one. It is out of date.
  • The formal shoes are not for walking and are impractical. Heavy and clunky
  • Looking for where your uniform is can be time consuming - you could just wear whatever you like.
  • Uniforms are expensive.
  • Uncomfortable
  • It’s a pain when you lose or mix up items of uniform with other people- extra admin for the office handing out uniform passes. 
  • Have to keep switching between formal and PE- it’s annoying and takes up time. 
  • Lost items can be tricky as you don’t have another item/pair.
  • Can’t clean uniform during the week so mufti is better as you have multiple options
  • Without a uniform you could dress for the weather - often too hot or too cold
  • You can’t dress how you feel comfortable/It doesn’t let you express yourself
  • The uniform makes us look all the same
  • It can be a hassle to get to the changing rooms especially when everyone else is needing to use them.
  • Growing out of it
  • Make mufti days less judgee
  • Just tradition - no educational benefit
  • For some, we can only have one set of the school uniform so if you get behind with the washing it can be stressful trying to get it dried or not having it. 
  • Teachers have to spend time regulating this rather than teaching. 
  • Socks get smelly and are itchy
  • Dunedin schools did not let girls wear pants until DNI led the way

We’ve had a further discussion at School Council today and decided that we should gather some data to test our assumptions. The plan, as decided by the council today, is that we should have a week of optional mufti for the week of November 2-9. We have included the following guidelines, and we want to see if students at DNI can manage their clothing choices or whether there might be unintended consequences in wearing mufti that we have not thought about. 

Please take note of the following:
  • We expect that students will, at all times, wear clean clothing that is sensible and appropriate for the learning activity in which they are involved (no tiny shorts, crop tops, mini skirts, see through clothing etc)
  • Logos and graphics must be appropriate i.e. not offensive or promoting alcohol, smoking or illegal substances.
  • Footwear should be worn at all times to and from school and this must be closed shoes (no jandals, scuffs, sandals, high heels) 
  • Uniforms are still worn by sports teams 
  • Need to be able to do PE each day; bring PE Gear or wear PE gear
  • Jewellery policy still stands.
We wish to stress that we are not suggesting DNI will cease to have a uniform - a decision like this would require a good deal of consultation and time. The purpose of the mufti week is for the students to explore the pros and cons of a school uniform and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees for consideration. 

Kind regards,
Heidi and The School Council 

DNI Disco!
The School Council has been trying to plan a disco all year - the Alert Levels will finally allow for this and we'll have our annual disco on Thursday November 19. 

Tickets will be on sale during the week starting November 16 and will cost $3pp.
  • The doors will not open until 6.30pm, please don’t send your children earlier than this as they will not be able to get inside.
  • The Disco is for DNI students only and they must have pre-purchased a ticket (no door sales).
  • The Disco finishes at 8pm - please ensure you arrange to collect your child at this time as staff will be keen to go home by then :)
  • You may like to drive around behind the school to find a park - please feel free to do so but drive SUPER SLOWLY.
  • We are trying to reduce waste as much as possible so please send your child with a named drink bottle for water.

We'd love to hear from you
Every three years we go out to the community (whanau of our current students, and those we'll see in the next three years) to hear about what direction you would like us to take for the next three years.

If you have not already had a look, could you please do so before Friday

BOT Mid-Term Elections - Nominations closing soon!
Nominations close this Sunday, 1 November at 12 noon.  If you need further nomination forms, these are available at the DNI office.

The Science Roadshow  (Hard copy of this Science notice sent home today)
We are again hosting the Science Roadshow this year which is run by The National Science Technology Roadshow Trust. 

A visit to the Science Roadshow is a fun, exciting and interactive learning experience of science for children. It includes live shows and hands-on exhibits that broaden students' knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It strongly supports the Nature of Science strand and the Five Foundational Science Capabilities.

The show is reasonably costly and, while interesting, not necessarily specifically related to the learning our students are engaged with currently. Accordingly, our classes do not visit en masse, but spaces are available for groups of DNI students to visit the show and its exhibits. It costs $8 per student, but DNI will subsidise this by $3 so the cost to you will be $5 pp. 

The Roadshow will be here on Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 November - please let us know if you would like your child to attend. Payment should be made in advance .

Contact Greer Taylor with any questions, or otherwise have a look at


Science Roadshow Permission Slip
I, _________________________ give _________________________ permission to attend the
                    Your name                                          Child’s name                   
Science Roadshow in November.

I have paid by Cash / EftPos / Internet Banking (circle option) 
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