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Newsletter - Monday 16 March 2020

Dates to remember:

  • Monday 23 March - Otago Anniversary Day holiday
  • Tuesday 31 March - BOT Meeting, 6pm in the Staffroom
  • Thusday 9 April - Last Day Term 1
We have no further updates, so at this time the advice sent via Byte on Sunday 15 March is current. 

Now that the kilts have arrived and we are well into the school year it is time to be sure that students are wearing the full school uniform. 

We expect that students are in full formal uniform to school daily. Students are allowed to leave school in PE uniform if they are attending a DNI sports fixture but they must be in full PE gear, or full formal. 

Thank you for your support with this. 

Learning Discussions
Now that we've had a bit of time to get to know your child we invite you (and them) to come and discuss both start of year assessment and goals for the year. It is important that students attend the meeting so please consider this in the time that you book. If it will be really hard to come into school then we are happy to have a telephone meeting, or even come to you so please email your child's teacher to arrange this if required.

You need to log onto Parent Interviews
and use this key KE2MJV87

Please note: We are also conscious of potential challenges if you or your child become unwell at the booked time - In light of COCID-19, it would be our preference to do Zoom or phone interviews in this instance.

You may be aware that there is presently much discussion around school donations and what can and can not be charged for. We are currently reviewing our invoicing programme to ensure that optional costs will be clearer on invoices. Nothing has really changed, the simple fact of the matter is that school is supposed to be free in NZ, however, the programmes we could offer if we did not ask for any contribution would be extremely limited, and whanau consistently tell us this is not what they want.

We have always found that many whanau are in a position to assist with the costs to ensure that we can continue to offer a breadth of experience. We have never held a child back from a school based activity due to a lack of funds, and we never will! We simply ask that whanau contribute what they can. 

There are a couple of exceptions....
  • Extra curricular sports/activities are optional and come with a cost.
  • DNI has always, and will continue to, apply for support for whanau to ensure that kids can be involved in these activities - just get in touch with Anne at the office and let us know that you need some help.
  • Electives are one of the highlights of the school year bit simply could not run without a parental contribution. There is some choice about what elective one enrols in and we also offer opportunities for fundraising, and will apply for grants if we are provided notice of the need for this. 
  • Modules - there is a take home/consumables aspect to this programme that we need your support with.


* School Photos - Orders due back by 9am, Friday 27 March
All students will have received this week their order envelope, with their individual photo proof attached along with instructions for how to order.  The class photos are on display in the school office if you wish to view them.  

DNI is a collection point only for the orders, so the money goes directly to Kelk - please do not pay by direct debit.

* HPV Forms
If you haven't already, can you please return your child's completed HPV form to the Office (this is needed, whether the student is/or isn't having the vaccination).

* Camp (Outdoor Education Stay)
As previously advised a one night (two day) camp will take place for all students during the last week of term, (April 6-9). It is too early to decide whether COVID-19 will prevent camp from going ahead so for the time being it is business as usual.

A little parent help would be appreciated - there is a section in the linked health and wellbeing form to fill in if you are able to help.

Please ensure the Health and Wellbeing form (blue link above) has been completed for all students, by March 24.

Dates are as follows:
  • Monday night (6th April) Rooms 1, 3, 4 and 6. (Note this is different than first advertised to cater for the larger group)
  • Tuesday night (7th April) Rooms 13, 14 and 16. (Note this is different than first advertised to cater for the larger group on Monday)
  • Wednesday night (8th April) Rooms 8, 10 and 11

For information on the different summer sports (such as team lists and links to weekly draws) check out the DNI sports page on our school website or follow this link

Registrations for Winter Sports
Please find below a link for the winter sports options available at DNI. We appreciate that it feels like summer sports have just started but believe it or not, Winter sport registrations are due. 

Winter sports registration form here

Registrations need to be entered by Friday March 27, 2020 and payment or part payment arrangements made by the end of term. Please contact Lucy or Anne at the office before this date if you need to discuss payment options or spread them out further.

If you have any questions about Winter Sports, please contact Chris Marslin

Further information, with confirmed costs and full dates will come home once registrations have closed. 

Dunedin Primary and Intermediate Schools Triathlon
A big well done to the following pupils who represented DNI at the Dunedin Primary and Intermediate Triathlon yesterday; Finlay McQueen, Adam M-B, Isaac S, William T, Finn McLean, Will L, Jai, Luca Mirosa, Alexis, Talvin, and Lily H. 

Congratulations to Alexis Owen who won the Year 7 boys event, Will L who came 3rd in the same event, Adam for getting sixth in the Year 8 boys individual, and Isaac, William T, and Finn McLean who got sixth in the Year 8 boys team event. These pupils have gained entry to the Otago Primary and Intermediate Triathlon.

School Term and Public Holiday Dates - For your advance planning

Term 1 (Monday 3 Feb to Thursday 9 April).
Monday 23 March - Otago Anniversary Day

Term 2 (Tuesday 28 April to Friday 3 July).
Monday 27 April - ANZAC day observed
Monday 1 June - Queen's Birthday

Term 3 (Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September).

Term 4 (Monday 12 October to Wednesday 16 December).
Monday 26 October - Labour day

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