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15 April 2021

Bus Behaviour Expectations

Kia ora koutou,
If your child does not catch buses you do not need to keep reading. 

I am taking this opportunity to do a wee reminder about expectations around DNI students travelling on buses to and from school. Many children are learning to use buses (and experiencing the relative independence that comes with this) and as such we expect there might be a few mistakes. It is therefore important for us to be clear about what we expect, and about the possible consequences for students who continue to behave outside of these expectations. 

Dunedin is a pretty safe city and many children successfully use public transport regularly. Year 7 and 8 is a great age to start learning how to maintain integrity while being allowed some independence - this is totally age-appropriate. 

For some, however, this independence is hard to manage and they get carried away. We had a 'bus meeting' on Monday and agreed that the following expectations were fair and reasonable.

Students catching buses will:
  • Use appropriate language
  • Use the appropriate volume of language 
  • Remember that they are in uniform and their actions reflect back upon the school (hand gestures, name-calling etc)
  • Consider the safety and comfort of others by not playing music or banging on windows/seats
  • Observe rules around no food and drink on buses
  • Be considerate to members of the public, especially the elderly or parents with young children.
On Monday a number of students were given the message, from their peers, that their behaviour was unpleasant and lacked integrity. At this stage, no further action will take place as everyone has a chance now to change their behaviour. If the same names come up again however then I will make contact with caregivers.

Students should be aware that continued poor behaviour on the bus might result in us requesting that they do not catch the bus for a time, or permanently, which in turn creates an issue for parents. 

On a side note, we are also aware that a lot of children are swinging past MacDonalds/the dairy in the morning and a good deal of junk food is being purchased and eaten on the way to school. This is obviously a discussion for whanau, but we note it for your awareness.

Heidi Hayward - Principal
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