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24 March 2021

Reminders - Photos, Learning Discussions, Bulbs, Electives, Winter Sports and Yr 7 Vision Screening
plus Self Defence

Tena koutou,

This is a reminders Byte - details are recorded below, and a summary of dates up top for your easy reference!
  • School Photos - Orders due back by 9am, Friday 26 March
  • Learning Discussions - March 29 - April 1. We have 183 booked now so 115 whanau have yet to book a time
  • Easter Bulbs Fundraiser - Orders and money due back Tuesday 30 March
  • Electives Sign Up - Registrations close Wednesday 31 March
  • Winter Sports Sign Up - Registrations close Thursday 1 April

Self Defence and Communication
For many years we have been running Girls' Self Defence every second year so that all girls get an opportunity to participate during their time at DNI. 

The Girls' Self Defence Project course is run by the Women’s Self Defence Network – Wāhine Toa and is designed to help girls learn ways of dealing with unsafe people and situations and threats to their safety, such as dealing with acquaintance and stranger attacks, being followed, and issues relating to cyber safety. You can read more about the course here.

The Girls Self Defence Course is fully funded by external sources because the statistics are so high in terms of the need for girls to learn to look after themselves. There has however been some discussion over the past few years about the need for boys to engage in some similar learning at the same time. Anna-Marie has been working on a parallel course that our staff will run at the same time that the girls are attending. 

The boys will engage in a course designed to support young people and their communication skills and will support the kaupapa of self-awareness, understanding our emotions and setting boundaries.

The course contains activities that support them to break down gender stereotypes and expand what it means to be a human being, practice listening skills, recognising and communicating a range of emotions, personal boundaries and consent, mindfulness, how to be a good friend and ally, and how they can ask for help when they need it.

The children will come together for the final session to share their learning.

Classes participate two at a time over the next two terms. The course is 8 hours in total.

Learning Discussions
You are invited to a fifteen minute three-way (student, caregiver and teacher) conference which will be held across week 9 (March 29 - April 1). At this meeting we will share the baseline assessment from Term 1, a key competencies report, along with a link to your child's online assessment folder.

Over the year more and more assessment will be added to this folder, and you will be able to look at it anytime. 

To book a time go to and use this code 35UQ4S26  Or if you don't have internet access, call the Office on Ph: 473 9027 and they will assist you with making a booking.

Easter Bulbs Fundraiser 2021
Information Communications Technology (ICT) is such a large part of schooling today, and we are always looking to upgrade and expand our ICT resources at DNI. We try and hold a couple of fundraisers each year to top up the money that we already spend on ICT. 

Our first fundraiser this year will be garden bulbs (full info linked here). We’re going to tie this in with Easter as a more healthy alternative to selling chocolate (this is a big call for us because chocolate sells, but we are trying to promote healthy options!)

Our thinking is that Easter Eggs are (intended as) a representation of new life. Reducing the amount of chocolate given and adding the gift of bulbs to plant (which will bring new life in the spring) is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative.  

The bulbs will be here in late April/Early May, we really hope you can support us in selling them.


Winter Electives
Winter Electives run for Week 3 of Term 3 (August 9-12). Please find, at the link below, the most popular options as voted by the students and an approximate budget (the final budget will be within 10% of the estimate). We ask that you discuss the options with your child and select the elective that suits your child's interest and your budget.

Registrations for electives close on Wednesday 31 March and we will then determine which electives will go ahead based on numbers. We will be able to confirm which elective your child is registered in, and the final cost by Friday May 7.

School Photos - Orders due back by 9am, Friday 26 March
All students will have received their order envelope, with their individual photo proof attached along with instructions for how to order. The class photos are on display in the school office if you wish to view them.  

Winter Sports 2021
Please find, at the link below, the winter sports options available at DNI. We appreciate that Summer Sports are still in full swing but Winter Sport entries are due before the end of term so we need to start organising our teams in preparation. The first step is to register your interest on this Google form.

We do not have confirmed dates and details for most sports yet, but working from previous seasons we can provide a guide below. Please note we have included sports which begin in Term 3 as well as sports that run through both terms. Further information, with confirmed costs and full dates will come home once registrations have closed.

Registrations need to be entered by Thursday April 1, 2021. Trials (if they are necessary) will take place after this date.  As always, all offers to coach/manage teams are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions about Winter Sports, please contact Chris Marslin (

Note: Our information is based on what has traditionally happened during 'normal' years. Any Covid level changes may cause some adjustments to start dates and other details.

Year 7 Vision Screening
The Vision Hearing Technicians from Population Health, Southern District Health will be visiting our school from next week to screen all year seven students for distance vision.

* Distance Vision (Amblyopia & Hyperopia)
This determines how well your child is able to see at a distance. It involves reading an eye chart.

(Not required if child wears glasses/ or is currently under care for their vision)

If you do not wish your child to be screened please fill out an opt-out slip, which are available at the school office before our visit.

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