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15 February 2021

Covid Level 2 Protocols, Information Gathering, Sport and Meet the Teacher Plans

Kia ora koutou,

As you will know we have moved to Level 2 as at midnight last night. While we hope that the next few days will result in a move back to Level 1, it is timely for us to gather some information in preparation for any eventuality. Please be assured that we do not have any more information than you do (we are not pre-empting a lockdown), we are simply ensuring we have time to gather information should this eventuate now, or later in the year. 

The Board of Trustees and staff have updated our Level 2 Risk Analysis. This outlines our operating procedure at Level 2. In short, while at level two we have three key requirements that help protect our core business (staying open for teaching and learning)
  • to minimise the risk that someone gets infected in the first place (stay home if you are unwell, wash your hands and practice safe cough/sneeze etiquette)

  • to ensure we can identify and contact anyone who has been in close contact with a person, if someone in a school is infected (Please do not enter the school building unless you are a student, staff member or have a pre-arranged essential meeting)

  • understand that Level 2 is not business as usual

Is your child, or a member of your household more vulnerable/at risk  
As part of our planning, we need to know who is most at risk so we are able to provide timely and relevant information to anyone who is particularly vulnerable. Please complete this very short survey if you are a member of your household is considered vulnerable. 

Devices/Internet Connection at Home
Again, as part of our planning process, it is important for us to understand how we might be able to connect with students should we be required to learn from home at any time this year. Please complete this survey - it will take 20 seconds. 

Meet the Teacher Evening
This was planned for Wednesday night but will need to be postponed as we would not be able to stay under the 100 people threshold. At this stage we hope we'll move back to Level 1 after Wednesday and will be able to reschedule a face to face meeting very soon. We'll update as soon as we know.

Sports at Level 2
Information is trickling through - however, each code has different plans. Please do not phone the office, all of the information we have is available on the Sports Page of our website 

Heidi Hayward - Principal
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