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General information


We no longer operate a canteen at school but we will be offering the following options.

  • Lunch-on-line on Wednesday (Pita Pit) and Fridays (Hell Pizza). Lunches online can be ordered by parents via their website https://www.lunchonline.co.nz/ up until 8.45am on the day of delivery. All further information can be found on the website.  On Thursdays, commencing 15 March sushi will be available via lunchonline!

  • Beam me up Bagels on Tuesdays. Bagels can be ordered at the office, again before 8.45am on a Tuesday. All bagels will be a $6 Lunch Size Plain Bagel, 120g wet dough opposed to the usual size of 150g wet dough. They will be freshly baking to order that morning. All bagels will come with a biodegradable bag & napkin, with a choice of one of the following toppings: Free-range ham, cheese, lettuce & mayo. Raspberry Jam & cream cheese (organic salt free). Smoked salmon & cream cheese spread. Yoda Pesto (dairy-free spinach & cashew nut)

  • On Mondays and Thursday students who need to purchase lunch are expected to do so before they enter the school grounds in the morning. Once at school we do not expect students to leave again.


Stationery for 2018

DNI has teamed up with OfficeMax MySchool.  Click to view requirements and order your stationery for 2018.


or for a copy of the lists click here for Year 7 or here for Year 8

Bring your own device (BYOD)

We welcome students bringing their own device to supplement the technology available at school, however, this is in no way an expectation. 

Bus timetables/information